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Astros Injury Report: Max Stassi Hit In The Face

Max Stassi leaves the game after getting hit in the face by a pitch.

Tom Pennington

After being called up to replace Carlos Corporan, Wednesday night Max Stassi found himself the victim of pitch to the face. Here's a GIF with the details:


Stassi was sent to the hospital for further evaluation, according to Julia Morales:

Julia also said that, "Max Stassi was yelling to his team and trying to fire them up as he walked into the clubhouse. Tough dude." Stassi did not leave his feet after essentially getting plunked in the face.

What's even more interesting is that the bases were loaded with the Astros down by a run so the plunking tied the game at four in the top of the eighth inning. It was also Stassi's first major league run batted in. In the top of the seventh Stassi drove in a run, again with the bases loaded, via a double play. But because it was a double play Stassi wasn't credited with an RBI.

I haven't looked it up, nor do I intend to, but I'm pretty sure that's the first time a player has driven in his first run with a hit by pitch to the face that tied the game.

Stassi will stay at the hospital overnight, according to Jose de Jesus Ortiz of the Houston Chronicle.

Our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Update: No facial fracture and no word on concussion tests. Astros will wait until Friday to decide if they need to call up another roster, per Jose de Jesus Ortiz of the Houston Chronicle.

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