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MLB Scores: Astros 2, Rangers 4

The Astros Offense store closed early today, leaving the Astros stranded when they needed to purchase more runs.

Rick Yeatts

I felt like a man had been donated eyes
Which he had not had before.
I could see an Astros game from a different perspective
As I became the Gameday pitch tracker, for sure.

Blackley had been the weak link for his team -
Two runs in four innings caused by a Dominguez 2-run homer.
As weak he was and so strong the others
There was simply no hope for our home town brothers.

A man named Stassi arrived into Arlington earlier that day
Faced with designated hitting after having a short rest.
Two hits out of three at bats made his game average the best,
But he was foolish and young when he was thrown out at 2nd during his base running test.

Twas unfortunate and less sweet
To have the Rangers pitch us til beat.
No worries had we til his bat whistled in the air
Sending a ball over there yonder, landing us in despair.

Perhaps that was Cosart's only fault that he had seen through
On an Everest-high curve ball he sent to you-know-who.
On a name that could sound feminine, but is spelled Adrian,
The man sent the ball flying into the right field stands, it went in.

Our response to this awful behavior was more wicked.
Or so we thought til we were more sicked.
Two pitches, two singles did Josh Zeid ever give up.
A wild pitch later sent that other run home, yup.

At last the inning did become expired
Like a rotten cheese in the back of the fridge;
It was beyond saving, though the mold was still sitting there
When Joe Nathan produced the smell of fresh cut grass in the air.

The game was then over
Like a procession of a funeral.
One day it is alive and the next it is dead
When something more interesting is worthy to be said.

Good night friends,
I'll see you tomorrow
When a new baby is born
All wild and so unpredictable.