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Astros Podcast: What's Happenin?

In the Astros Baseball podcast we interview David G. Temple of NotGraphs, catching Tim up on the past week and DogTV. On the Astros minors podcast we rank the lefties in the Astros minor league system, the recent Mexican league acquisitions and Vincent Velasquez's promotion to Lancaster.

Ryan Dunsmore

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TCB Podcast ready to invade your thoughts and tickle your ear drums with Houston Astros baseball talk.

Note: Check your podcast subscription one of the podcast may need to be manually download. iTunes has a tendency to only download one podcast when multiple podcasts are released at the same time.


TCBP AB 94: Catching Up On the Astros

In this episode David Coleman Sean Feist myself and special guest David G. Temple of NotGraphs discuss:

  • David G. Temple of NotGraphs and the Stealing Home Podcast join us to discuss Astros things
  • Catching me up on things that happened this past week
  • DirectTV adds DogTV to it's channel lineup

David G. Temple Interview

You can check out David's work at NotGraph's and Stealing Home.

David is doing something very interesting this year. He's decided, as part of an experiment, watch the Astros for the 2013 season and he's chronicling his findings of NotGraph's. This gave us an opportunity to ask him questions about the Astros as both an outsider and a new fan of the team.

Catching Up

I was on vacation last week and one of my goals for the week was to do as little as possible, which included watching Astros games and reading Astros related articles. It was absolutely glorious. I read two books, one of which was Joe Posnanski's The Soul of Baseball, which I highly recommend (hoping to have a book review up in the future) and that was the extent of my ambition.

With that in mind I decided to lean on the guys a little bit for topics from this past week. We discussed several things including the revamped bullpen and Brad Peacock's new slider.

DirectTV loves dogs more than Astros fans

Before I went on vacation David talked about DirectTV adding DogTV to it's channel lineup. What boggles my mind about adding the channel is that it's primarily for dogs. Luckily, David G. Temple had an opportunity to watch the channel and filled us in on some of the programming the channel has. It's exactly what I expected it to be.



    TCB AMP 14: Viva La Mexico

    In this episode Brooks Parker and myself discuss:

    • Ranking the lefties in the Astros minor league system
    • The acquisition of two players out of the Mexican League
    • Vincent Velasquez's promotion to Lancaster

    Bring In The Lefty

    We had a question this week that asked us to rank the lefties in the Astros minor league system. It's not a sexy bunch but there are some interesting names. David Rollins and Luis Cruz (courtesy Mike Fast) are two names at the top of our list

    Astros Sign Two Mexican League Players

    The Astros have signed 26-year old first basemen Japhet Amador and 23-year old Leo Heras out of the Mexican League. While neither look to be perennial all-star both could be potential role players at the big league level. Maybe a Matt Stairs type of player for Amador and a Jose Altuve type of player for Heras. Either way it's more depth for an Astros farm system that's already stacked.

    Vincent Velasquez

    Aaron West makes an audio appearance and Brooks talks about how Lancaster could affect a guy like Velasquez who recently came off Tommy John surgery. The TL:DL is that Brooks isn't concerned and should be seen as a positive for Velasquez.


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