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The Road To Rodon

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Why not all Astros fans are on the Carlos Rodon bandwagon just yet.


This started as a response in the FanPost titled, The Complete Carlos Rodon Collection.

I meant to only share a few words in regards to how I feel about the 'Road to Rodon' slogan, but my respons got long enough that I felt it deserved it's own post on TCB. As was being discussed in the FanPost, there is a section of the fan base that after every Astros loss will bring up Carlos Rodon's name, which aggravates others in the Astros fan base myself included. This response/post is meant to explain why I'm a little annoyed with some of the Carlos Rodon flaunting.

There are people watching the Astros and looking at the silver lining and then there are those who aren't watching the game getting all giddy over Rodon. That is the group of people that I have the biggest problem with.

As far as silver lining that can be found on the current team and even in the current farm system without the need to look ahead to next years draft. Brandon Barnes has been a joy to watch defensively, Jason Castro is exceeding expectations, Jarred Cosart and Jonathan Villar just got called up, Dallas Keuchel and Jordan Lyles are having better years than they did last year, Jose Cisnero has come up and surprised,

Bo Porter

Brett Wallace is hitting better, Chris Carter has hit more home runs already than any player in 2012 or 2011 and has a shot of hitting more than Hunter Pence in 2010. And I haven't even mentioned the farm system yet. There are silver linings to be found on this team without the need to look at someone outside the system.

It's fine to follow Rodon and be amazed by what he's doing but when he's hailed as a future Astros and the savior of this organization that is a pessimistic view of what to expect for the rest of the season. It's also putting the horse before the cart. Between the 2011 and 2012 drafts Mark Appel was the expected number one pick. That is until guys like Byron Buxton and Carlos Correa emerged. Next years draft is expected to be better than last years draft and that's without any high school players that could emerge at the top of the 2014 draft.

There is not one Astros fan that wouldn't love to have Carlos Rodon in the system. In October if the Astros have the worst record in the 2013 season the buzz among Astros fans will be potentially drafting Carlos Rodon in the 2014 draft. The key word there is 'if.' The 2013 season isn't over yet. One third of the season still has to be played and to put a star on the chest of Rodon means that there's more bad baseball ahead. I'm not rooting for that.

I'm rooting for Jarred Cosart and Jonathan Villar and Robbie Grossman and Chris Carter and Jose Altuve and Jason Castro and Dallas Keuchel and Brandon Barnes and Matt Dominguez and Brett Wallace and Jose Cisnero and Josh Zeid and Chia Jen Lo and eventually George Springer and eventually Asher Wojciechowski and eventually Jon Singleton and other players to play well and get the Astros some more wins in the win column.

The Astros have a good chance of finishing with the worst record in the major leagues and when that happens I'll join the Rodon excitement. Until then, Rodon signifies a pessimistic view of this club and sets a precedent for losing. I can't view this club that way and I'll be rooting for the Astros to win as many games as they possibly can.

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