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Super Sunday Astros Links: August 18, 2013

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Cosart gets off to an historic start, the Pacific Coast League faces realignment, and Will Carroll breaks down how cheaters cheated.


Houston Astros

Astros at some point will have to get down to business - Sports Update
by Randy Harvey

AJ & Darvish were right - Baseball Analytics Blog - MLB Baseball Analytics
by Bill Chuck

Porter looking for confidence from young Astros | News
by Brian McTaggart

Cosart on historic start to young career | News
by Brian McTaggart

Farmstros: Readings From The Book of Bo- August 14, 2013

by Mike Tauser

Harrell regaining command in long relief | News
by Brian McTaggart

Ultimate Astros » Contact info for Astros’ Chris Carter: 21 HRs, 156 K’s
by Jose de Jesus Ortiz

Minor Leagues

ValleyCats' Thurman gets used to pro ball - Times Union
by Jess Koehler

Ballhawk Badders inspired by Hample | News | The Official Site of Minor League Baseball
by Benjamin Hill

PCL undergoing realignment in 2014 | News | The Official Site of Minor League Baseball
by Sam Dykstra

The Crawfish Boil: Velasquez is the Hidden Gem - The Crawfish Boxes
by Brooks Parker

The context of age in the minor leagues
by Jeff Moore

Other Baseball Stuff

Sports Rights Fees Will Make You Hate Your TV —
by Maury Brown

The decline of smallball and its impact on the game - MLB - Joe Lemire -
by Joe Lemire

Finding Value in Pitcher Inconsistency | FanGraphs Baseball
by Matt Hunter

Baseball Prospectus | Manufactured Runs: SABR and the Importance of Preserving Sabermetric History
by Colin Wyers

How They Got Away with It: Biogenesis and Testosterone Explained | Bleacher Report
by Will Carroll

It seems such a simple question: "Are you a fan?" - Baseball Nation
by Rob Neyer

Fixing the Waiver System | FanGraphs Baseball
by Dave Cameron