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Travis Blackley Traded to the Rangers for... Something

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Though whether he's been traded for a player to be named later, cash, or a combination of the two is vague at this time, the thirty-year-old lefty reliever is on his way to Round Rock.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

...and just like that, the Travis Blackley era was over in Houston.

The Astros traded minor leaguer Jake Goebbert to Oakland back in April, making Houston his seventh organization since being signed by the Mariners as a free agent out of Australia, back in 2000. He's been signed, traded, released, and drafted in the Rule 5 Draft.

In 2012, with Oakland, Blackley had pitched 102.2 innings, with a 3.96 FIP, a 5.93 K/9, 2.67 BB/9, and 0.84 HR/9. At the time, he looked like a low-cost, left-handed veteran addition to the bullpen.

As we all know, things didn't exactly work out that way for Blackley, as each of his Three True Outcomes rates blew up. In 35 innings over 42 games, as he allowed more than two and a half home runs and more than five walks per nine innings, while striking out 7.46 per 9 IP - though lefties are hitting just .200/.258/.367 off of him.

He was designated for assignment on August 8, and subsequently assigned to Oklahoma City.

Though the initial text to beat reporters said "a player to be named later and cash considerations," subsequent explanation seems to favor "a player to be named later or cash considerations."

Blackley will be assigned to Triple-A Round Rock in the Texas system.