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Astros Sign Top Mexican League Prospect

The Astros have signed Leo Heras, a 23-year-old outfielder, from the Mexican League.

Bob Levey

According to Jose de Jesus Ortriz, the Astros have purchased the rights of 23-year-old Mexican Outfield prospect, Leonardo Heras.

In 2012 Heras hit 24 home runs and stole 17 bases in 112 games, while slashing .323/.398/.556. In 91 games this season he's slashing .310/.398/.519. Here's what Fangraphs had to say about him a year ago:

He has speed, power, and age on his side. Only 22 and ranking among the best hitters in the league, Heras is looking elite in a league that is 6 years older than him on average. If this is not the kind of player the ML exists to find, then who is?

After doing some internet digging, it seems like there was a consensus that Heras was the best Major League prospect in the Mexican League. According to Astros County, he's been battling a bum shoulder this season, so he has to pass a physical before anything is official.

I was able to find a video of him robbing a home run in left field, as well as a video of his swing, from a few years ago. However; the best thing I found on Heras was him backhanding a foul ball, with his bare hand, at a San Diego Padres game. He then proceeds to finish his hot dog. Check it out: