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In case you missed it: TCB's MLB Trade Deadline coverage

Recapping all our posts from a crazy day of rumors and a couple trades.

Phew. That was wild, wasn't it? All those rumors and innuendos swirling before we end up with a...(you think I'm going to make an LJ reference here, right? Guess what? I'm no Alyson Footer. I have standards. That's a Hoes too far. If I'm against stupid Appel puns, I can't go in the tank for the first Hoes joke that walks through that door.) pair of trades that reshaped Houston's farm system and major league roster.

At any rate, we produced a ton of content over the last 24 hours, so we wanted to wrap it up in one tidy post for those of you who couldn't play along with the trade deadline. Or as I like to call you, those with a "job" or "life." Enjoy the recap and be looking for a more sedate and normal day of TCB stuff today. Heck, I might even get around to a Three Things post.


Our own Girl In The South had a terrific piece on why this is such a great time of the year.

Trade Rumors

The day's first update.

Crazy theory about the Cards targeting Houston's catchers.

High noon updates on Norris.

Bedard is scratched, chaos ensues.

Chris-centric Trade Rumors

Our own Admiral Perry takes on the idea that Bud isn't worth much.

Justin Maxwell Trade

Maxwell is sent to the Royals, shocking pretty much everyone.

We like Kyle Smith. We like Kyle Smith a lot.

Bud Norris Stuff

The many faces of Bud Norris. My crowning achievement on this site for working in an obscure reference to the Michael Keaton Batman.

Oh, and Bud Norris is traded to the Orioles. It begins.

A timeline of all the Norris trade talk this season. (So, is this a timeline of a timeline? How deep does this rabbit hole go?)

Top 5 Bud Norris moments in Houston. Very Cardinals-centric.

Wondering if Houston is done trading away veterans.

Who replaces Bud Norris in the rotation? The answer may surprise you.

Scouting LJ Hoes. Little Jerome is a pretty awesome name. I might take to calling him that exclusively.


Timmy puts together a live podcast where we ramble, Spencer drops some knowledge and Ryan's chair squeaks. Little did we know that, the whole time, Terri had no idea what Trogdor actually meant. She's so sheltered!

The Game Itself

Yep, they actually played a game on Wednesday, not just trading players like so much cattle or oranges or whatnot. Ryan banged out another excellent preview of the contest, too.

Lastly, pinch hitting recap writer Busta chronicles the Astros dismantling of Baltimore in all its glory. He really is a gentleman and a scholar.