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On the Astros: Rating Houston's offseason moves halfway through 2013

A quick look at how Houston's offseason trasactions have fared so far this year.


You've got a longform piece already this afternoon to read on Jose Altuve, so I'll be brief with this one. Since we're halfway through the season and barrelling into the All-Star Break, I figured it's time to check in on what the Astros front office did this past offseason.

What worked? What didn't? What is still incomplete?


Carlos Pena

Hitting line: .213/.328/.361, 8 HR, 309 PA, 25 RBIs, -0.2 fWAR

Contract: 1 year, $2.9 million

Notes: Not a flashy signing and Pena is not a perfect offensive player, but has been okay at DH.

Grade: C+

Rick Ankiel

Hitting line: .194/.231/.484, 5 HR, 53.8% Ks, 65 PA, -0.2 fWAR

Contract: Minor league deal

Notes: All the strikeouts. All the home runs. All the popcorn.

Grade: D-

Jose Veras

Pitching line: 17 saves, 38 games, 38 1/3 IP, 3.29 ERA, 41 Ks, 14 BBs

Contract: 1 year, $2 million, club option for $3.25 million for 2014

Notes: Control is under control and Veras has turned into a nice late-inning option.

Grade: A

Erik Bedard

Hitting line: 3-5, 4.67 ERA in 86 2/3 IP, 73 Ks, 44 BBs

Contract: 1 year, $1.15 million

Notes: Ugly April has led to good results since returning to the rotation. Take away rough start and he's been as good as Scott Feldman.

Grade: B+


Philip Humber

Pitching line: 0-8, 9.59 ERA in 35 2/3 IP, 20 Ks, 15 BBs

Contract: 1 year, $850,000

Notes: Yikes. The worst move by a long shot.

Grade: F

Rule 5 Draft

Nate Freiman

Hitting line: .277/.328/.402 in 122 PAs, 2 HR, -0.1 fWAR

Contract: League minimum

Notes: Too bad he's doign this all with Oakland. Basically been what Carlos Pena has been for HOU.

Grade: F (for letting him go)

Josh Fields

Pitching line: 0-1, 5.93 ERA in 13 2/3 IP, 10 Ks, 2 BBs

Contract: League minimum

Notes: Sort of incomplete, as Fields had dealt with injuries. Still has not been as good as advertised.

Grade: Incomplete


Jed Lowrie and Fernando Rodriguez send to Oakland for Chris Carter, Brad Peacock and Max Stassi

Chris Carter

Hitting line: .228/.321/463 in 324 PAs, 17 HR, 46 RBIs, -0.1 fWAR

Contract: $494,000

Notes: Most home runs, RBIs, runs scored and ISO on the team. Second-best wOBA, SLG. Tough to get that kind of power in a trade.

Grade: B

Brad Peacock

Pitching line: 1-3, 8.07 ERA in 29 IP, 23 Ks, 17 BBs in majors. 4-2, 2.89 ERA in 53 IP in minors.

Contract: League minimum

Notes: Still has prospect sheen and has turned things around in Triple-A, but he was really bad when he was in the rotation.

Grade: C-

Max Stassi

Hitting line: .243/.310/.428 in 170 PAs, 5 HR, 26 RBIs

Contract: Minor league

Notes: Producing about like he did for the A's last season at High A. Still young with great defense.

Grade: C

Rob Rasmussen traded to Dodgers for John Ely

John Ely

Pitching line: Incomplete

Contract: League minimum

Notes: Injury scuttled his season before he could do anything, but Rasmussen hasn't done much for Dodgers, so the trade is a bit of a wash at this point.

Grade: Incomplete

Wilton Lopez traded to Colorado for Alex White and Alex Gillingham

Alex White

Pitching line: Incomplete

Contract: League minimum

Notes: Latest pitching prospect to go under the knife. Needed Tommy John after competing for a rotation spot this spring. Astros couldn't have seen that coming.

Grade: Incomplete

Alex Gillingham

Pitching line: 1-1, 8 IP, 11.25 ERA for High A Lancaster

Contract: Minor league

Notes: Not an impressive showing this season. Was placed on the DL back in April.

Grade: Incomplete

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