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Mark Appel Makes His Debut For Tri-City

Astros prospect Mark Appel makes his debut for the Tri-City ValleyCats with some encouraging results.

Scott Halleran

I didn't actually get to see or even listen to Mark Appel's debut, two kids kind of do that thing to baseball stuff from time to time, but I didn't need to because Twitter is the best thing since sliced bread. If you're a baseball fan Twitter is the place to be for breaking news and instant reaction to things happening on the field. It's like going to an Astros only bar where everyone knows your username.

The other great thing about Twitter is that you can search for keywords so to find out how Appel's debut went I did a search for 'Appel' and this is what I found:

And there you have it, a bad first inning followed by a much better second inning. As Keith Law noted it's been a while since Appel has been in game action so expectations are to be tempered. Hearing that he's hitting low-to-mid 90s with movement is exactly what we want to hear.

Brooks noted that he had five ground outs and no fly outs which is even more encouraging. Glenn (wgr56), who is at the game, noted that Appel mostly used fastballs and seemed to get hit pretty hard, however, "the popping leather sounded good."

If you were at the game feel free to share any thoughts or media you may have.

Oh and by the way, as I was searching for Appel I ran across several of these tweets:

Apparently, Appel means call in French, which just opened a whole new world of Appel puns for me.

Appel me maybe?