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Astros trade rumors: Timeline of Bud Norris trade talks

Look back at the recent history of Norris' trade rumors and talks since February.

Bob Levey

It all started last winter, when news first started leaking that Bud Norris might be available. From there, let's run through a quick timeline of how the trade talks for Bud Norris have progressed this season.

February 6: Anthony immediately checked in on Bud Norris as the next big Astros trade target after Jed Lowrie was dealt.

March 16: In spring training, news of Chris Carpenter's injury leaked. That suggested the Cardinals may have interest in Bud Norris and in fact Peter Gammons did just such a thing.

March 18: Two days later, I looked at Norris' trade value. The upshot is that Norris could be worth what Jed Lowrie fetched back, or about $11 million in surplus value.

May 13: Norris tweaks his back, scares us all. He'd get better, though.

June 11: Clubs start checking in on Norris more frequently. The two clubs identified here are the San Francisco Giants and the Pittsburgh Pirates. At least the Pirates interest appears to have carried over to the deadline.

June 21: Jerome Solomon writes a dumb column ripping Norris for saying he'd like to play for his hometown team.I don't react well.

June 27: Tim looks at five possible destinations for Norris. His top five teams? Cleveland, San Francisco, Baltimore, Toronto and San Diego.

July 17: Jon Heyman gets snarky about Bud Norris' trade value. Again, I don't react well.

July 30: Norris scratched from his Tuesday start against the Orioles. Rumors go crazy.

July 31: Norris is dealt at the trade deadline to Baltimore for L.J. Hoes, Josh Hader and a compensatory pick in next year's draft.

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