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Astros trade rumors: Erik Bedard scratched from tonight's start against Orioles

Bedard won't start tonight, with Brett Oberholtzer taking his turn. Is a trade likely?

Scott Halleran

One more time, with feeling.

Another day, another Astros starting pitcher has been scratched. This time, it's Erik Bedard, who was supposed to start tonight if Bud Norris didn't. So, does that mean two starters actually got scratched? Do the Astros have Cat Scratch Fever?

At any rate, Brian McTaggart was the first with the news of Bedard being taken off the game tonight.

Our old friend Obiehockey will get a chance to start for the Astros, after doing pretty well earlier in the week for Oklahoma City, right? I can't recall the line off-hand, but he had a ton of strikeouts and no walks in like eight innings of work. I'll take that.

Though Tags immediately caveated the news that Bedard wasn't starting with "he hasn't been traded," it appears that he MIGHT be traded soon. At least, that's the supposition as all the reporters sit by computers with cell phones at their ears trying to find news.

Norris talks have been heating up, centering around the Pirates, Orioles and Diamondbacks. After Arizona traded Ian Kennedy for relief help from the Padres, the D'Backs could certainly use another starter.

90 minutes to go. Whoo!

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