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Astros trade rumors: Cardinals looking for catching help, Houston a match?

St. Louis is looking for a catcher after Yadi Molina was injured. Can Houston make a good trading match today?


Last night, Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina was placed on the disabled list after badly spraining his knee during a game with the Pirates. That leaves St. Louis suddenly looking for catching help, according to conflicting reports from Ken Rosenthal:

Every time the Cards are in the market for players, we wonder if the Astros would be a match. While I'm not sure the Astros and Cards would work out a deal for Jason Castro, I could see them trading away Carlos Corporan.

Would asking for Matt Adams straight up for Corp be too much? Adams is hitting .285/.348/.475 with seven home runs in 65 games and 181 plate appearances. He's been the White Whale for Astros fans looking at the Cards system.

But, there are questions about whether the Cards would deal with Luhnow in the first place. Given Luhnow's track record with other deals, he might also go with a young guy in the Cards system, maybe a pitcher at Low A. But, it does appear the teams could be a match if the Cardinals want to deal, which they do, according to Derrick Goold:

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