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Astros trade rumors: The many faces of Bud Norris

Things have been pretty serious so far. Let's de-stress a little with some pictures.

Bob Levey

Just for fun, I went back through our photo galleries here at TCB to find some of the best faces of Bud Norris through the years. Before he's gone, let's look at him some more.


Photo credit: Doug Pensinger

My favorite picture of Bud. He's all like, "What?" And I'm all like, "What?" And he's all like...I see this one every time I do a search for Norris and want to include it every time. Something about the look on his face just seems so quintessentially Norrisian.


Photo credit: Bob Levey

What. The. Hell. That's one of the most evil faces I've ever seen! Angry Bud is angry.


Photo credit: Bob Levey

I want to know more about this picture. Was Bud dodging a foul ball? Is he giddy as a little kid? Is he cold? Don't they have those jacket if he's cold? WHAT IS GOING ON?


Photo credit: John Sommers II

Tell me something, my friend. You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?


Photo credit: Bob Levey

Bud ponders the future of the universe. Or is it his future? Or is it what the heck Expected Runs are and what is it doing on his scoreboard?


Photo credit: Bob Levey

Hey! Remember when pitchers hit every now and then? Those were the days...


Photo credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Bud does his best Bigfood impersonation.


Photo credit: Bob Levey

Lastly, one of my favorites from the last month. It's perfect for today isn't it? #Hugs The only thing that bothers me is Bo Porter, staring into my soul. Don't judge me, Bo.

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