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MLB Scores: Astros 3, Orioles 4

The Astros Museum of Players unveiled the Josh Zeid exhibit today in Baltimore. If you are unfamiliar with the location of the new exhibit, it's in the spot previously occupied by the Hector Ambriz exhibit.

While Astros players played hand clapping games, you were focused in on trade rumors.
While Astros players played hand clapping games, you were focused in on trade rumors.
Patrick Smith

Due to the looming trade deadline and the associated talks that were heating up between Jeff Luhnow and several other teams, Lucas Harrell got today's start instead of Bud Norris. But if you were a dedicated fan, you would have already known that. But hey, if you didn't, I'm not saying you aren't a dedicated fan. I'm just saying... stuff, you know...

Hey look! It's Josh Zeid!

Yes, now that I have distracted you from a potentially insulting remark that I almost made, Josh Zeid made his MLB debut today. He pitched 5.1 innings and gave up 5 walks! And he also gave up two hits and struck out 3 while allowing 4 runs to score, 2 on a Chris Davis home run.

Oh oopsies! That wasn't Zeid's line, that was Lucas Harrell's line. How confusing! Sorry, all this trade deadline flibber flabber has really got my brain confused! But yeah, Harrell wasn't all that much better today. He started off well, but in the fourth he went walk, popout, groundout, walk, wild pitch, single (2 runs score), and then eventually a flyout ended the darn inning. Walks plagued the game again when the bottom of the 6th went walk, lineout and then home run by Chris Davis. Rats! (See what I did there? Plague... rats... get it?) And that was it for Lucas Harrell, who left the game and was replaced by Josh Fields.

Fields along with Wesley Wright pitched well, but the guy who made his major league debut, Josh Zeid, got both Adam Jones and Matt Wieters to fly out to end the 8th. If that was Hector Ambriz pitching, we would have seen those fly balls get caught by Orioles fans instead of Brandon Barnes.

But we still lost. Oh, and Jonathan Villar stole home:

Click to steal home


No biggie.

He also made this amazing catch. No biggie too. After all, he's the best shortstop in the world; these are routine moves for him.

Oh, and I forget that Grossman went 3-3, with a double, and Altuve went 2-4.

And with this loss, my recap record drops to 2-11. How sad, but this once again proves that Tuesdays are great days for doing things with your family! No need to worry about missing an Astros win because they almost always lose on Tuesdays! So go ahead and schedule a date night, or schedule that root canal you've been putting off, or schedule a cat adoption at your local animal shelter! Just do whatever so long as it's legal!