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Astros Podcast: The Trade Deadline Is Upon Us

In the Astros baseball podcast we discuss Astros trade scenarios, Jonathan Villar's performance and the Astros bullpen. In the Astros minors podcast we discuss Greeneville Astros winning streak, spot starts, Top 100 and Max Stassi.

Ryan Dunsmore

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TCB Podcast ready to invade your thoughts and tickle your ear drums with Houston Astros baseball talk.

Note: Check your podcast subscription one of the podcast may need to be manually download. iTunes has a tendency to only download one podcast when multiple podcasts are released at the same time.

Scheduling Note: We will most likely be doing a Trade Deadline wrap-up podcast Wednesday evening around 8 p.m. ET.


TCBP AB 92: Pre-Astros Trade Deadline

In this episode David Coleman, Sean Feist and myself discuss:

  • The Astros trade deadline scenarios
  • Jonathan Villar's performance
  • What to do about the bullpen

Astros Trade Deadline Scenarios

We answered several questions and discussed several different trade scenarios. The one guy we thought that would definitely get traded got traded yesterday making part of our discussion about Jose Veras null. There are still some other scenarios we discuss like Bud Norris and Jason Castro.

Jonathan Villar's performance so far

I've been rather impressed with Villar up to this point in his major league career. He is a significant upgrade over what the Astros were playing at short. Even if he lives up to his minor league reputation as an erratic defender the upside of his bat and the range he provides at short make him a very interesting player to watch.

What to do with the Astros Bullpen

The bullpen has been bad, really, really, really, really bad. Hopefully, the likes of Brett Oberholtzer, Josh Zeid (ZIDE) and Chia-Jen Lo can help turn the relief corps reputation around.



TCB AMP 12: Movin' On Up

In this episode Anthony Boyer and myself discuss:

  • The Greeneville Astros winning streak
  • Brady Rodgers and David Rollins pitching well in their spot starts
  • writer Jonathan Mayo's new Top 100, which has eight Astros prospects
  • How legitimate Max Stassi is.

Greeneville Astros Winning Streak

The Greeneville Astros won 13 games in a row and did so with some excellent pitching. The emergence of the pitching and some of the bats make Greeneville a much more interesting level than it was a few weeks ago. They're back in the playoff hunt which is pretty much par for the course in Jeff Luhnow's farm systems.

Spot Starts in the Minor Leagues

Brady Rodgers and David Rollins, two underrated guys in the Astros farm system, had tremendous spot starts for the level above their current levels. For Brady Rodgers this is his second time getting a shot at promotion spot start.

Eight Astros in Jonathan Mayo's Top 100 Prospect List

It won't be long lived that the Astros have eight prospects in a top 100 list. Jarred Cosart has already been promoted and George Springer is certain to be promoted in September possibly with a few other guys, which is actually a good thing. Having guys come off prospect lists because of promotions means these guys are finally getting to the big leagues and we get an opportunity to see what they can do. The last time I can recall an Astros prospect getting taken of a Top 100 list was when Jordan Lyles and Jason Castro made their debuts and that was a couple seasons ago.

Too Legit, Too Legit To Quit

Max Stassi has been on fire lately and with that comes discussion on where he rates in the Astros system. I think Stassi is ahead of Carlos Perez but just slightly and both are in the 15-20 range for me, minus any trades made Monday. One thing is for certain, the Astros have a lot more catching depth this season and Stassi currently leads the way.


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