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Explaining Carlos Pena's Three True Outcomes In Three Music Videos

Explaining Carlos Pena and the three true outcomes concept in three music videos.

Lean Back!
Lean Back!
Scott Halleran

Carlos Pena is what those in the sabermetric community like to call a Three True Outcome player or TTO for short. As described by Baseball Reference the Three True Outcomes are:

The Three True Outcomes are a walk, strikeout or home run. They are called this because the three supposedly are the only events that do not involve the defensive team (other than the pitcher and catcher). This ignores outfielders taking away potential homers at the wall, and inside-the-park home runs, and the like; however, over a career those events make up a very small portion of the total.

Prominent recent "TTO" players include Rob Deer, Jack Cust, Russell Branyan, Ryan Howard, and Adam Dunn. Many all-time greats display this skill set as well, like Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, and Jim Thome.

In 49.4% of plate appearances for Pena this year he's either homered, walked or struck out. With that in mind here are the three music videos that I think describe Carlos Pena the best.


Trace Adkins - Swing


UNK - Walk It Out

Home Runs

Some home run hitters have their own little nuance when they hit a home run. Lance Berkman for example would lay his bat on the ground after a home run. Every time Pena hits a home run it looks like he leans back, see the article image above or check out this GIF, both are from the same play.

Terror Squad ft. Fat Joe, Remy - Lean Back