The Complete Carlos Rodon Collection


"throwing a 92-94 mph fastball that tops out at 97 and a devastating slider. He also has a curveball and feel for a changeup. Once he turns pro his fastball should chew up wood bats."- Baseball America

"If we were picking first, that's who I'd pick. Big strong kid. Plus stuff."- Jayson Stark article

That was merely the appetizer to Rodon's main course, one of the best sliders I've ever seen from an amateur, 84-88 with power and bite, at both sides of the plate, to right- and left-handed hitters.- Keith Law

The 6-foot-3 left-hander has the stuff, command, and build of a prototypical power pitcher. His fastball hits the mid-90s. His slider makes hitters look silly. And he can locate them both.- Matthew Leach,

"Highest ceiling in the draft down the road. Big left-handed pitcher with a real live fastball. You can really dream with him."- Jayson Stark Article

He started out at 90-93 mph with his fastball but by the third inning was picking up steam, hitting 95 frequently and eventually topping out at 96. - Keith Law

"a 6-4, 220-pound junior, finished the season 13-4 with a 2.27 ERA. He struck out 154 and walked 37 in 115 innings."-Gene Duffy,

"He should move quickly though the pro ranks as well, and possibly even to double-A by the end of the summer, because he's one of the most complete pitchers in the draft. Big and strong at 225 pounds, he gets his fastball up to 92-95 mph, touches 95 and holds the velocity deep into games. He repeats his delivery and has command of two plus pitches. His changeup needs work but is projected to be league average." - Baseball America

'"He's is one of the more polished pitching products in this draft."- unknown

"There is no doubt that he can and will throw a few clicks higher. We expect him to live in the lower 90s this spring and end up with at least a mid 90s heater. His breaking ball looked very good at times in the high 70s and should become his 2nd plus pitch. Then add the fact that his change up boarders on being a plus MLB pitch already. Put this package together and you have a serious top prospect for this upcoming draft.."- Perfect Game

Oh. Oops. Not all of these were about Carlos Rodon. Other quotes were taken from scouting reports from the following players:

Bryan Bullington

Matt Torra

Greg Reynolds

Joba Chamberlain

Adam Loewen

and Phil Humber

Just trying to make the point even clearer that sometimes guys just don't become what you thought they would. Injuries, weight/drug/alcohol problems, personal issues, the yips. Whatever you want to point to as the reason they don't make it--nearly everybody has a story.

I'm not saying to not be excited about the guy. I'm just hoping you all don't have your hearts broken if he doesn't turn into who you thought he was going to be. It's almost impossible to live up to expectations that started to be set over a year before he was even draft eligible. Hey, even Strasburg hasn't been able to live up to the hype yet AND he's suffered a major injury.

Just remember, Carlos Hernandez, Tim Redding, Wade Miller, and Roy Oswalt were supposed to be the "Rotation to build on" for the Astros in the early 2000s. That didn't work out. And neither will our dreams we have now. It's not because the system is broken, but rather because "that's how baseball go."