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MLB Scores: Astros 5, Athletics 4

Jarred Cosart pitched a royal baby, Brandon Barnes caught it, Jose Cisnero dropped it, Matt Dominguez rocked it, and Jonathan Villar ran to a remote jungle in southern Brazil in the 9th inning to save it.

Scott Halleran

Holy Toledo, what a game! And the Astros finally won on a Tuesday! Yes, baby!

This time the Astros came from behind in the 9th inning, pounding Grant Balfour to a pulp with a few well-timed hits and some little league defense to top it all off. With Maxwell on base Robert Ford kept talking about how a 2-run home run would be just the thing Dominguez would need to tie the game. And what do you freaking know, it goes over the wall in left-center field for a game-tying home run! With 0 outs in the inning still, Jonathan Villar rocked his second double, and third hit of the game to represent the winning run at 2nd base. Altuve walked. And with Castro at the plate, Balfour threw a baby doll of a pitch that bounced and got away. Altuve was in-between first and second when Catcher Derek Norris commandeered the ball. Altuve started running back to first and Norris YOLO'd the ball to Moss at first. Moss was cozy and kept his foot on the bag the whole time while the ball skirted right past his glove into RF. Villar saw this and lighted up like crazy, rounded the bag at 3rd and headed on home, just like Lassie did in that movie. And then we all cried when that boy saw his doggie again. Or something. And then we won.

You can see a video clip of that sweet sweet victory right here.

But this was not the only exciting thing this game had to offer. With Cosart's Bros situated in the outfield seats yelling and clapping for every strike Cosart threw in the first inning, it reminded me of the atmosphere of Strasburg's major league debut as I walked past them. Cosart struck out the lead-off man Coco Crisp to start the game. What a boss!

He labored in his first few innings, ending up with nearly 60 pitches thrown by the end of the third, but after he gave birth to a royal baby he was able to pitch more efficiently, ending with the final line of 7.0 IP, 7 H, 1 ER, 3 BB and 4 Ks. Some few things I noticed: he was very lucky when the bases were loaded twice in the early innings, his propensity to walk batters is going to hurt him a lot more in the future, his fastball has great life for a non-living object (it has great sinking action and was sitting at 97 early on), if he wants continued success he's going to have to throw more strikes.

Jonathan Villar had a really big day as well, starting off the game with a lead-off double by pounding a line drive that soared down toward the right-field corner. He then scored on a Castro single. In the 2nd, he struck out swingin', in the 5th he sac bunted Barnes to third, in the 7th he singled to center field, and in the 9th he struck grande!

Brandon Barnes had another fricken amazing catch. I'm sorry for my lack of using scholarly words, but that catch was just fricken amazing. Sorry. It was #1 on SportsCenter too! He ended up leaving the game with a left-calf strain though, but what a guy. I'm starting to like Barnes a lot in center field, even if it means his bat isn't that much better than a certain other center fielder we had last year... cough... peanut butter cups.. cough.

And we can't forget Matty D whose error in the first allowed a run, but whose homer in the 9th tied the game. He redeemed himself today, y'all.

Oh, Josh Fields got his first MLB win too? Yup.

Who else worthy of mentioning did I miss?

WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!\

EDITOR NOTE: You forgot Bo Porter Busta,

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