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Astros Podcast: Jeff Luhnow Shakes Things Up

In the TCB Astros Baseball podcast we talk about Carlos Pena and Ronny Cedeno DFA, Jonathan Villar and Jarred Cosarts call up and how those moves affect the Astros. We also get into the trade market for Bud Norris. In the Astros Minors Podcast we talk about Villar and Cosarts call-up and how it affects the minors, Jiovanni Mier and answer some listener questions.

Ryan Dunsmore

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TCB Podcast ready to invade your thoughts and tickle your ear drums with Houston Astros baseball talk.

Note: Check your podcast subscription one of the podcast may need to be manually download. iTunes has a tendency to only download one podcast when multiple podcasts are released at the same time.

I've also decided to make a slight adjustment to the regular podcast. I am changing the name to the TCB Astros Baseball Podcast or AB for short. Honestly, this was done because I wanted to show better in podcast directory search results but it also helps with organization in podcast episode names. The major league podcast will show up as TCBP AB and the minor league podcast will show up as TCB AMP.


TCBP AB 91: Click Click Boom!

In this episode David Coleman, Sean Feist and myself discuss:

  • Carlos Pena and Ronny Cedeno designated for assignment, Jonathan Villar called up and how that impacts the major league club
  • What to expect from Jarred Cosart's in his next start and for the rest of the season
  • Bud Norris trade rumors

Carlos Pena and Ronny Cedeno DFA; Jonathan Villar and Jarred Cosart called up

I think this move says a lot about Pena's trade market value, which was pretty close to nil. A team may take a chance on him but it will almost certainly be in a back up and pinch hitter type of role. Ronny Cedeno was providing nothing and is probably out of major league baseball all together and heading into either independent ball, foreign ball or retirement.

What to expect from Jonathan Villar and Jarred Cosart

Villar and Cosart are exciting prospects but they're only exciting because they're young and prospects. I've never really been all that high on either so I have tempered my expectations of them. It's nice, however, to have some more young talent on this team.

Bud Norris Trade Market

Things are heating up in Norris trade talks and with so many teams interested in the Astros pitcher it's probably a foregone conclusion that he will be traded. Especially, with Matt Garza on his way to the Rangers rumors and discussions should be in full throttle.



    TCB AMP 11: The More Luhnow

    In this episode Anthony Boyer and myself discuss:

    • How the Jonathan Villar and Jarred Cosart promotions affect the minor leagues
    • Jiovanni Mier's status as a prospect
    • Listener questions including: MP Cokinos, George Springer, Kyle Westwood and others


    With Villar and Cosart now in the big leagues, could we see some more promotions in the minor leagues? Unlikely. There will be minor moves but for the most part look for some promotions maybe next month in August. Last year the Astros promoted top prospects in August to give them a taste of the league they would be starting in the next year.

    Jiovanni Mier

    People seem to have given up on Mier as a prospect. His ranking among Astros prospects has certainly taken a hit the past couple years with struggles at the plate and injuries derailing his development. He's still interesting enough that I'm not ready to give up on him yet. He's not the next coming of Derek Jeter but he could still become a solid everyday player.

    Listener Questions

    We blew through a lot of our questions in this podcast so be sure to send more in via whatever internet communication you're most comfortable with.


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    Next Scheduled Podcast Recordings: July 28, 2013


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