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2013 International FA Signing Profile- Joan Mauricio, SS, D.R.

The Astros' first signing to come across the wire, Mauricio shows some significant potential and will be one to monitor in the next few years.

Tale of the Tape

Height- 6'1"

Weight- 140 lbs.

Date of Birth- 10/22/1996 (16 years old)

Bonus- $600,000


Just as is the case with high school prospects in America, many players who man shortstop in the international sector are not realistic bets to play the position down the road. Mauricio, however, is a true shortstop prospect. Just as wiry as you'd expect a 6'1", 140 lb. human being to be, Mauricio is extremely fluid and has a loose arm. He has active eyes and positions himself well to make plays in the field. It's easy to project him for above-average arm strength down the road due to his projectable frame and arm speed. He's an effortless runner with great feet and always looks in control in the field, even when mishandles a ball. For a 16 year old, he's a very impressive shortstop and his athleticism and size are both ideal for the position.

As a hitter, Mauricio has a level cut with impressive bat speed and great hip turn. He is a switch hitter, and shows some gap-to-gap power and an all fields approach that could translate into some over the fence pop as his slight frame fills out. He has a very quiet stance and pre-pitch demeanor, which is not something that a lot of international prospects his age show. He's a very raw hitter with some inconsistencies in his swing, but he shows some potential to hit for both average and some power. If he had some more strength on his frame, he might have drawn a much bigger bonus.


The answer here will be the same for any J-2 signing- minor league flameout


Mauricio's raw package of tools and defensive skill give him the ceiling of a regular, but we'll have to wait and see how the development of his body goes and how much impact that has on his game.


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Joan Mauricio Batting Practice IPL Trying Out At FF.AA FIELD 19/09/2012 (via beirols25)