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Astros trade rumors: Rangers, other teams in on Norris

Though Texas appears poised to acquire Matt Garza, the Rangers view Bud Norris as a viable fallback option.

Dilip Vishwanat

Last night, the rumor mill on Bud Norris heated up. Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports reported that if the Rangers and Cubs deal for Matt Garza were to fall through, Texas would turn its lonely eyes on Norris.

As Passan notes, there are a host of other teams who would also be interested in Norris, including some we guessed and some we didn't. The Giants make sense, especially since he obviously wants to play there (cue Solomon's outrage). But, the Dodgers? The Blue Jays?

It also sounds like the Rangers may be out on Norris because the Garza deal is close to being finalized. The two teams are talking compensation now, as the teams would like to complete the deal so he could start Saturday night against the Orioles.

The Cubs, meanwhile, were giving teams one last chance to make a proposal, but it appears the Rangers are the only team willing to meet the Cubs price of Mike Olt, Neil Ramirez and C.J. Edwards.

So, let's flip this around for a minute. If that Texas deal falls through, would you take a package around Mike Olt for Bud Norris? Which of the teams Passan mentions would be most intriguing from a prospect-getting perspective?


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