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Astros Minor League Trip: Nashville 2013

Pictures from my trip to watch the Astros Class-AAA minor league affiliate, Oklahoma City RedHawks, play against the Nashville Sounds in Nashville. They have a really cool scoreboard.

The last weekend in June, the Oklahoma City RedHawks traveled to Nashville Tennessee to take on the city's Class-AAA team the Sounds. This gave me an opportunity to make the seven hour trip from South Carolina to the land of music to watch a little Astros minor league baseball.

The Nashville Sounds play in a rather old and unique stadium called Herschel Greer Stadium. One of the first things I could tell about the stadium is that it was very old. I figured it had to be older than I was, and according to Wikipedia it is. Ground was first broken in August of 1977 and thirty-plus years later it still hosts minor league baseball. The most unique feature about the stadium is it's guitar shaped score board, which I made sure to take plenty pictures of.

Even with the old age the stadium was very easy to maneuver and the staff very accommodating. Before we left for Nashville, I told my four year-old daughter that if she looked pretty and smiled a lot that she might just get a ball from someone. About five innings into our first game on Friday one of the usher's walked by and handed my daughter a game used minor league baseball. She was thrilled.

We didn't get a lot of food at the stadium because I was absolutely in love with Back Yard Burger, which we don't have in central South Carolina. We did buy a helmet full of popcorn, which had free refills (my daughter and I didn't make it through half the helmet), and some nachos, which was overfilled with cheese. Brooks told me I had to try a Yazoo, which I did. I didn't really find it all that special, but I'm far from a beer connoisseur and would suggest you try it as well.

Finally, the fireworks show was a lot of fun. My daughter enjoyed despite her head being buried in my arm almost the entire time and we got treated to a fireworks show both Friday and Saturday.

Overall the trip was a lot of fun. I would recommend going to see a Nashville Sounds game if you have an opportunity before they get a new stadium, which they are currently trying to get. You'll also get an opportunity to possibly meet up with Brooks AKA Subber10 and Astros County who live in the area.