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2013 MLB All-Star Game: Recapping the game, Astros Edition

Not a lot happened with the Astros players in the game, but I've got some thoughts on Houston's future after watching Tuesday's Midsummer Classic.


What's more disappointing than watching the All-Star Game, hoping to see the only Astro on the roster have a moment in the sun, to only see him sit on the bench inning after inning after inning?

Not much.

How many of you watched the All-Star Game, hoping to catch a glimpse of Castro the Astro at bat or behind the plate? You might have just caught a glimpse of him in the dugout, cheering on his victorious American League teammates. But, the only Astro on the roster didn't get in the game, leaving our recap of the night's events a little sparse.

In fact, we could sum it up with just that. Jason Castro - Zero ABs, zero innings in the field. The End.

Obviously, I'm not going to all the trouble of writing an article just for that, though. While watching the game last night, the pitching stood out the most. Wave after wave of these guys came in from the American League and shut down the NL. The NL had its own share of dominant performances, but looking at guys like Max Scherzer shutting down the NL, it made me dream.

Just think about the Tigers right now. Scherzer started the All-Star Game and may be the best pitcher on his team right now, but that rotation he's a part of also contains Anibal Sanchez and Justin Verlander. Doug Fister has been a very serviceable pitcher and Rick Porcello is the fifth starter on that team. He's only got a 1.8 fWAR right now at 24 years old. That rotation is so deep, Drew Smyly has been relegated to the bullpen, where he's been brilliant.

That's what Houston wants. If the Astros can build the depth in their rotation that the Tigers possess, they'll be set up for a long time. Detroit had to trade for three of those five pieces while drafting Verlander high. Houston, on the other hand, may be able to develop that depth all through the farm system.

Remember when Tags mentioned the depth in the minors after Jarred Cosart went off and Dallas Keuchel got snippy? It's because that rotation depth is so great. In three years, Houston could be running out Mike Foltynewicz, Jordan Lyles, Cosart, Mark Appel and Lance McCullers, Jr. as one of the best, young rotations in the game. If Cosart or McCullers gets hurt? Sub in Asher Wojciechowski or Jake Buchanan.

It's not always the case, but usually the All-Star Game can be a barometer for how the league is moving. This year, that meant there was all pitching, all the time. That's a good sign for Houston in the future, because they are pretty stacked with pitchers right now. Maybe that's why the front office thinks its ahead of the rebuilding curve.

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