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Astros Question of the Week: Should Houston call up George Springer now?

We take on the hot topic of the day on whether the Astros should call up their red-hot center field prospect.

J. Meric

You saw him in the Futures Game. You've seen his exploits all over Twitter every night.

George Springer is so hot right now.

Given that Houston doesn't have a ton of outfield depth, our question this week is this: Should the Astros call up George Springer, like, yesterday?

I'm empathetically for bringing up Springer. Here's why:

Did you watch Jarred Cosart's start last Friday? If you live in Houston, did you listen/follow along on Twitter? He was electric, amazing and death-defying all rolled into one. He was a much-needed tonic to vitalize the Astros fan base.

That could be what Springer does, but on an everyday basis. Did you see where Springer may be the first minor leaguer in forever to have a 40-40 season? Do you know why players don't have more of those? Because when they're that good, they're promoted.

Houston has already passed the Super Two point for this year, so give Springer 200 plate appearances at the major league level to acclimatize, then he's ready to take over a starting spot in the lineup next season. Heck, maybe he'll go from playing in the Futures Game to playing in the All-Star Game next year.

Fans need more Cosart-level excitement from the future of this franchise. Springer is killing minor league pitching and looks to be all but ready for a new challenge. Why not challenge him now?

The Advocate and I took differing sides on this one. He took the anti-callup camp. Here's his reasoning:

No way George Springer needs to be called up to the MLB after the all-star break. Do you remember two seasons ago when Ed Wade rushed people to the show way before they were ready?

How did that work out for Lyles? Paredes? Martinez?

The only player that we've seen short-term and long-term success with following such an aggressive promotion in our recent history is Jose Altuve--and even he's not been a world-beater.

There's still plenty of time before Springer has to come up, so let's at least push back these expectations until September. I'd rather see Grossman return, actually.

Let's give him a look to see if he's our next Brandon Barnes with better OBP skills, or if he's a guy we can count on in our outfield. Springer isn't even on a rule-5 time crunch--pump the brakes, people!

Two sides of one argument. Who do you agree with most? Should Springer be called up? What arguments were we missing?

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