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Astros 0, Rays 5; Halftime!

The Astros lost their 61st game on Sunday. Thank goodness they can't lose anymore games until Friday.

J. Meric

This YouTube clip is going to be miles more entertaining than any Astros recap you're going to want to read:

The best part about the clip is that as Jim Carrey slams his face into the bench you can see the doctor trying to control his laughter but failing miserably.

As I was watching the clip, for quite possibly the 1000th time, I realized this clip is the perfect way to describe not only today's game but also the Astros so far this season.

Erik Bedard started the game for the Astros and it was a lot like the slow motion button-hook pattern Ace Ventura does.

Despite the slow pace things were actually going pretty well for Bedard, that is until the bottom of the fourth inning. Kelly Johnson reached base on a line drive single that was deflected by Carlos Pena. Jose Lobaton then laid down a bunt that Bedard fielded and fired to first. Pena had moved in for the bunt and so it was up to Jose Altuve to cover first base only instead of Altuve being at first to receive the throw it looked a lot like this scene. The ball got by Altuve allowing Lobaton to get to second and Johnson to score. From first. On a BUNT!

Yunel Escobar singled, Desmond Jennings grounded into a double play scoring Lobaton and then Ben Zobrist struck out swinging. Instead of exiting the inning down a run, the Astros were down three runs.

Desmond Jennings homered in the bottom of the sixth inning off Paul Clemens giving the Rays a five run lead. The Astros enter the bringing doing the thing they've done this season the most, lose.

If you're still paying attention to this team someone may observe that you, "have difficulty letting go of the game" and then ask if you have a, "long history of mental illness."

Finally, as we're heading to a five day halftime we find out that Lucas Harrell and Jordan Lyles were in an altercation last week, which is kind of like slapping yourself in the face, which only makes Astros fans want to facepalm themselves into a bench.

Good thing the MLB All-Star Future Game was on or else I would have had to watch this game.

By the way, poor Caryl Rae Jepsen.