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Springer Shows Some Tools In Future's Game

With the Future's Game in the books, three Astros prospects have now been apart of the 2013 All Star festivities.

J. Meric

One of the All-Star Break's festivities is over, and for Astros fans, the most important. The Future's Game is an exciting event and a chance for fans to see prospects play on a big stage. Most fans don't have the chance to watch any of their teams best prospects and this is the perfect event for that.

The Astros had three players at the event with George Springer and Delino DeShields making the starting lineup for the USA team while Carlos Correa came in for the eighth and ninth innings for the World team.

DDj played four innings but didn't pick up a hit. He struck out in his first at-bat and flew out in his second. His best play came in the first inning when he showed some athleticism around the bag taking an imperfect throw from catcher Austin Hedges and applying a quick tag to prevent a stolen base.

George Springer was the most impressive of the group of prospects from the Houston system. He only picked up one hit in his three at-bats in the eighth but showed his monster power in his first at-bat with a foul ball that would have been a second deck home run had it been about fifty feet to the right. His one hit was an infield hit in which he beat out a Carlos Correa throw. He was then pinch ran for.

Correa played two innings defensively but didn't get a chance to go to the plate and show what he can do. However, many big publication writers were tweeting about how he'll be a beast soon. He has projection and already above average power in batting practice.