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2013 MLB Draft: Houston Astros Draft Selections

Here is a running list of Houston Astros Draft Selections

Bob Levey

I will be updating this regularly to keep you posted on who the Houston Astros select with each of their picks. This thread is separate from Day Two Open Thread to streamline discussion. This thread is to focus more specifically on the players that the Astros have selected. I will also be updating it with links to each selections draft profile as they become available. The open thread will be more focused on the draft as it unfolds. So, please participate in both!

Day One

1.1 (1): Mark Appel, RHP, Stanford-Draft Profile

2.1 (40): Andrew Thurman, RHP, UC Irvine-Draft Profile

Day Two

3.1 (74): Kent Emanuel, LHP, North Carolnia-Draft Profile

Note: Emanuel will be playing in Super Regionals Saturday at 11 a.m. CT on ESPN

4.1 (107): Conrad Gregor, 1B, Vanderbilt-Draft Profile

Note: Gregor will be playing in Super Regionals Saturday at 2 p.m. CT on ESPN

5.1 (137): Tony Kemp, 2B, Vanderbilt-Draft Profile

Note: Same as Conrad Gregor

6.1 (167): Jacob Nottingham, C, Redlands HS (CA)-Draft Profile

7.1 (197): James Ramsay, CF, South Florida-Draft Profile

8.1 (227): Jason Martin, CF, Orange Lutheran HS-Draft Profile

9.1 (257): Brian Holberton, C, UNC Chapel Hill-Draft Profile

Note: Holberton will be playing in Super Regionals Saturday at 11 a.m. CT on ESPN

10.1 (287): Austin Nicely, LHP, Spotswood HS (VA)-Draft Profile

All of the top 10 selections will have draft profiles and after that, some of our favorites might get one as well. We will also have a Day Two Recap article after the conclusion of the day.