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Super Astros Draft Day Links

Your draft link update to the latest Astros happenings around baseball as we wait for the Astros to make their first pick.

Al Bello

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Here are some of the things involving the draft we're seeing on the internet. Check back regularly for updates:

Picking Number One

Draft Notes: Appel, Astros, Bryant, Ramirez Jr.: MLB Rumors -
By Steve Adams

It appears money will be a factor in the first pick. Jeff Luhnow and company have set their price and will not hesitate to pass if dollar numbers don't matchup. Jon Heyman (hiss) talks to a rival agent that thinks Appel will, "easily beat the $6 million figure some suggested the Astros might have been willing to spend on him last year."

Astros working around clock preparing for Draft | News
By Brian McTaggart

This came out last night and has all the usually information. Curiously, it also has a small tidbit about Austin Meadows still being a possibility.

Who will be taken first in MLB's First-Year Player Draft? | News
By Jonathan Mayo

Mayo (who joined us earlier this week on the podcast) says that it seems like the Astros are leaning towards a college player, however, Frazier's plus bat speed is hard for the Astros ignore.

Astros County: Your Neighborhood Astros Blog & Grill: Draft Day running post
A running post of some the latest Astros draft rumors.

2013 MLB Draft: Mark Appel and Jonathan Gray, comparing hype to reality - Minor League Ball
By Charlie Drysdale

A very interesting read about the success of college pitchers selected in the top two picks.

Mock Drafts

Mock Draft 4.0: The Final Countdown -
Jim Callis

Callis (who joined us earlier this week on the podcast) has the Astros taking Jonathan Gray in his latest mock draft, however, he indicates that the Astros may have a slight preference for Appel.

How the Draft Works

MLB Draft 2013: How the MLB draft works -
By Marc Normandin

Wondering how the draft works or just have a question or two? Marc has the answers.


TCB 2013 MLB Draft Top 100 Prospects - The Crawfish Boxes
Here is who the TCB draft team thinks are the top 100 prospects for the 2013 MLB Draft

2013 MLB Draft: Top 50 Pitchers on John's Draft Board - Minor League Ball
By John Sickels

2013 MLB Draft: Top 50 Hitters on John's Draft Board - Minor League Ball
By John Sickels

We'll continue to update this post as we hear things. Feel free to post any links you find in the comment section below.