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TCB 2013 MLB Draft Top 100 Prospects

The TCB Draft Team got together to put together a list of the top 100 prospects for this years draft.

Mike Stobe

This is our final list that we will put together. The entire draft coverage ends with a top 100 list. I think that is quite fitting.

A few caveats to begin with. This list will differ from the TCB top 10 due to a smaller group of participants. This will also not go hand and hand with our positional lists. The reason for that is that things have changed since we started that series about two months ago. Also, the five of us will rank very differently, and ranking strictly within a position is very different from ranking every prospect. One person can have a huge gap between two of the same position but if the rest of us have those same two prospects close, it could be enough to flip the rank of the positional rankings. So, view this separately.

Rank Name Position School

1. Mark Appel RHP Stanford

2. Kris Bryant 3B/OF San Diego

3. Clint Frazier OF Loganville HS (GA)

4. Jonathan Gray RHP Oklahoma

5. Kohl Stewart RHP St. Pius X HS (TX)

6. Colin Moran 3B North Carolina

7. Braden Shipley RHP Nevada

8. Austin Meadows OF Grayson HS (GA)

9. Reese McGuire C Kentwood HS (WA)

10. Hunter Renfroe OF Mississippi St

11. Jon Denney C Yukon HS (OK)

12. Ryne Stanek RHP Arkansas

13. JP Crawford SS Lakewood HS (CA)

14. Chris Anderson RHP Jacksonville

15. Dom Smith 1B Serra HS (CA)

16. Phillip Ervin OF Samford

17. Austin Wilson OF Stanford

18. DJ Peterson 3B/1B New Mexico

19. Rob Kaminsky LHP St. Joseph HS (NJ)

20. Tim Anderson SS East Central Miss. CC

21. Ian Clarkin LHP Madison HS (CA)

22. Aaron Judge OF Fresno State

23. Nick Ciuffo C Lexington HS (SC)

24. Trey Ball LHP New Castel HS (ID)

25. Phil Bickford RHP Oaks Christian HS (CA)

26. Eric Jagielo 3B Notre Dame

27. Billy McKinney OF Plano West HS (TX)

28. Sean Manaea LHP Indiana St.

29. Alex Gonzalez RHP Oral Roberts

30. Andrew Thurman RHP UC Irvine

31. Marco Gonzales LHP Gonzaga

32. Alex Balog RHP San Francisco

33. Cord Sandberg OF Manatee HS (FL)

34. Hunter Dozier SS Stephen F. Austin

35. Jonathan Crawford RHP Florida

36. Oscar Mercado SS Gaither HS (FL)

37. Rowdy Tellez 1B Elk Grove HS (CA)

38. Hunter Harvey RHP Bandys HS (NC)

39. Jake Brentz LHP Parkway South HS (MO)

40. Aaron Blair RHP Marshall

41. Kyle Serrano RHP Farragut HS (TN)

42. Matt Krook LHP St. Ignatius HS (VA)

43. Jan Hernandez 3B Carlos Beltran Academy (PR)

44. Dustin Peterson RHP Wenatchee HS (WA)

45. Brian Navarreto C Arlington Country Day HS (FL)

46. Bobby Wahl RHP Ole Miss

47. Josh Hart OF Parkview HS (GA)

48. Ryan Boldt OF Red Wing HS (MN)

49. Malik Collymore SS Port Credit SS (Canada)

50. Hunter Green LHP Warren East HS (CA)

51. Casey Shane RHP Centennial HS (TX)

52. Travis Demerritte 3B Winder-Barrow HS

53. Chad Pinder 3B Virginia Tech

54. Joey Martarano 3B Fruitland HS (ID)

55. Andrew Knapp C California

56. Chris Okey C Eustis HS (FL)

57. Cody Reed LHP NW Mississippi JC

58. Ryon Healy 1B Oregon

59. Ryan Eades RHP LSU

60. Stuart Turner C Ole Miss

61. AJ Puk LHP Washington HS (IA)

62. Andrew Mitchell RHP TCU

63. Devin Williams RHP Hazelwood West HS (MO)

64. Michael Lorenzen OF Cal State Fullerton

65. Connor Jones RHP Great Bridge HS (VA)

66. Trevor Williams RHP Arizona State

67. Mason Smith OF Rocky Mountain HS (ID)

68. Jeremy Martinez C Mater Dei HS (CA)

69. Ryan McMahon 3B Mater Dei HS (CA)

70. Jason Hursh RHP Oklahoma State

71. Kevin Ziomek LHP Vanderbilt

72. Riley Unroe SS Desert Ridge HS (AZ)

73. Carlos Salazar RHP Kerman HS (CA)

74. Trey Masek RHP Texas Tech

75. Cavan Biggio 2B St. Thomas HS (TX)

76. Tom Windle LHP Minnesota

77. Tyler Danish RHP Durant HS (FL)

78. Teddy Stankiewicz RHP Seminole State JC (OK)

79. Jordan Paroubeck OF Serra HS (CA)

80. Zack Collins C/1B American Heritage HS (FL)

81. Garrett Williams LHP Calvary Baptist HS (LA)

82. Trey Michalczewski 3B Jenks HS (OK)

83. Andy McGuire 3B Madison HS (VA)

84. Blake Taylor LHP Dana Hills HS (CA)

85. Jimmie Sherfy RHP Oregon

86. Dillon Overton LHP Oklahoma

87. Chris Rivera SS El Dorado HS (CA)

88. Victor Caratini 3B Miami Dade JC

89. Dane McFarland OF J Serra HS (CA)

90. Drew Ward 3B/1B Leedey HS (OK)

91. Billy Roth OF Vista HS (CA)

92. Tyler O'Neill C Garibaldi SS (Canada)

93. JaCoby Jones SS/2B LSU

94. Corey Knebel RHP Texas

95. Casey Meisner RHP Cypress Woods HS (TX)

96. KJ Woods OF Ft. Mill HS (SC)

97. Kent Emanuel LHP North Carolina

98. Wil Crowe RHP Pigeon Forge HS (TN)

99. Rob Zastryzny LHP Missouri

100.Dylan Covey RHP San Diego