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2013 MLB Draft: All Questions Answered

Got questions for the draft? Well we got least we hope.

Ryan Dunsmore

It is the final day of Pre-Draft coverage, because tomorrow is draft day! That makes tomorrow's coverage Draft Day coverage! Don't worry, we'll have plenty of content for you to mosey over as you prepare for it.

But, we thought we should bring in just one more feature for you guys that we think will be a lot of fun. All credit has to go to Tim for the idea. The idea comes from John Sickels who regularly does this kind of thing at Minor League Ball.

Obviously, we are no John Sickels and won't even begin to say we're on that level. However, it could be a fun exercise as the Draft Team and I have put in HOURS of work in preparation for this draft and researched well over 200 prospects. So, we are going to attempt to answer any questions you may have concerning this years draft.

So, the format is simple. Simply leave your question in a comment below. That's all you have to do. Then, kyuss94, jsams, Anthony Boyer, leistomania, and myself will answer them. All of us will be checking in regularly to answer them. The answers may not be immediate, but we should at least have them answered within an hour or so.

We aren't going to limit anyone to a number of questions, but I do ask that you leave each individual question in a separate post. That will just be a lot easier to streamline responses and avoid confusion. As, surely there will be conversation with them a lot of them.

So, without further ado, I open up the first ever TCB All Questions Answered!