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Breaking: Jonathan Gray Fails Drug Test

Jonathan Gray has tested positive for a drug on MLB's Banned Substance list, which could damage his draft stock.

Kyle Laferriere-US PRESSWIRE

News has broken that Jonathan Gray from the University of Oklahoma has tested positive for Adderall in a pre-draft drug test. Gray is a candidate to be selected first overall in the 2013 MLB Draft. However, this does not affect his eligibility for the draft, nor does it have any ramifications on his status playing professional ball. Once he begins his professional career, he will be subjected to another drug-screening process. If he tests positive in that test, he will be subject to discipline.

The news casts a shadow on Gray's character for the decisions he has made. Despite Adderall's relative popularity among college students for studying, most notably during finals week, it remains an illegal drug if used without a prescription, and reports indicate that Gray does not have one. Its most common therapeutic use is to treat ADHD by improving focus. Those same effects, when applied to a sports environment, allow users to focus better in a game.

There are two outlooks on this situation. If this is a one-time deal for Gray, it's possible that it could damage his leverage in contract negotiations. With a lower price, the Astros could find him a more attractive prospect given his lower price tag.

The other side of the coin is that it leads to legitimate concerns about Gray's performance this season. Adderall is a very commonly abused drug in the minor leagues, collegiate sports, and in high school sports. Gray has seen his stock skyrocket this season. He was actually considered the second-best pitching prospect on his team behind Dillon Overton. He emerged with the same stuff but appeared to be harnessing it this season, something that improved focus could allow. It's possible that the Adderall is the reason for such a drastic change.

We know that Jeff Luhnow is very interested in sports psychology and this comes in as a flaw to Gray's character. Whether this a big enough knock to keep the Astros from selecting Gray on Thursday is a legitimate question.