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Stale Air Got Ambrizy in 9th Inning; Astros Lose To Angels 4-2

A strong ambriz came out of left field in the 9th inning. The players on the field tried to escape all the dust that was kicking up. Unfortunately, two of those players ran home and scored two runs for the Angels, ending all hope for an Astros win.


Another 7 innings were pitched. 5 strikeouts. 1 walk. 4 hits, just 1 unearned run. His past 10 starts, the man has a 3.05 ERA. Just what is his name? Why, thank you for asking, the man is none other than David Stefan Norris, but we call him Bud because he pitched like a boss.

Jason Castro's bat smooched the baseball into the RF stands. It was romantically long and passionate, and landed somewhere deep in right center field. This was the only run of the game until Matt Dominguez sac-flied Peña in the 9th. J.D. Martinez played a part in that run by hitting a double in the previous at bat that put runners at 2nd and 3rd.

So this Bud guy pitched well even though Brandon Barnes let a run score on a fielding error (though he made some spectacular catches), but he eventually had to hand over the game to another pitcher. That guy was Paul Clemens and he gave up a run and left a few runners on base before Bo Porter thought to himself that someone else could be doing a better job. So Mr. Hector Ambriz comes in the game right, and he's got sweat running down his face in the 9th inning. The Angels are up by one, right? And all we need to do is to get this guy out, right? Well wrong according to Hector Ambriz. Either he pitched like a dirty politician or he scared the Angels, but them two piggies ran all the way home. I mean seriously, how do you let the opposing hitter hit a ball to Ronny Cedeño? You know it ain't gonna end good, girl. And so it was Ronny Cedeño's 11th error of the year when his throw went awry and all the baseball fans started to sigh. I'm not gonna lie, it started to make me cry.

And by the time the big bad wolf came to show up, the door had been shut closed. Ernesto Frieri gave up a run on a sac-fly by Matt Dominguez and someone dominGUEZed it was enough runs. And so when Marc Krauss was watching the ball go right down the middle in a 3-2 count and hit the catcher's glove, he didn't even try to swing. But before he realized his mistake, the game was over.

So it was a 4-2 loss, but one that could arguably be described as a win in some contexts. Bud Norris improved his trade value and the Astros improved their chances at getting a better draft slot next year. Yay!