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Justin Maxwell Leaves Game With Mild Concussion

Astros right fielder Justin Maxwell leaves Tuesday night's game after being injured on a dive in right field.

Bob Levey

On Tuesday night Justin Maxwell left the game after this dive in right field:


Maxwell was making his sixth start since returning from the disabled list. He was on the disabled list from the end of April to mid-June as he recovered from a fractured hand. Him rolling on top of his hands probably didn't feel to good. What hurt more though was probably banging his head off the ground. Maxwell appeared to be indicating the injury was with his head not his hands.

He was able to walk off the field under his own poer. JD Martinez replaced Maxwell in right field. As Brownie and Ashby noted their are probably some concussion concerns with him banging his head off the ground. No official word has been made about what Maxwell may have sustained. Check back for an update later.

Maxwell was 0-1 tonight and prior to tonight's game had a .250 batting average, a .375 on-base percentage and a .300 slugging percentage in 24 plate appearances.


Mild concussion for Maxwell.