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Five Astros On Baseball Prospectus' Prospect List

Baseball Prospectus has a new top 50 list out and five Astros prospects make the list.

Carlos Correa
Carlos Correa

Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus just released his mid-season top 50 prospect list. It's behind a paywall so we won't give away any of the comments or the actual rankings you'll need to be a subscriber to access that information.

Five Astros made Parks' list. I think it's pretty obvious based on our list and others who four of those five guys are: Carlos Correa, Mark Appel, Jon Singleton and George Springer all made the list. One other pitcher made the top 50 list and still one other was given an honorable mention just outside the top 50.

Five prospects is the most of any team on that list. Even more exciting is that all five prospects have an ETA earlier than 2016. Grades are subject to change and will change as the rest of the minor league season plays out. The Astros, however, appear to be in a great place prospect wise. Parks made mention of this on Twitter:

Now, before we get too excited and build a temple to Jeff Luhnow outside Minute Maid Park I want to make note of the fact that only two of the Astros top 50 prospects on this list were acquired by Luhnow. The other three belong to Ed Wade, which is something that I don't think should be ignored. While Luhnow may have come into a crappy situation overall, the Astros efforts to rebuild were well under way before he took over at the end of 2011.