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Astros Prospect Rankings And The 2013 Draft Class

Sliding the Astros 2013 draft class into our top 30 prospects list.

Scott Halleran

With 2013 draft comes new prospects and new prospects means that our annual top 30 Astros prospect is in desperate need of updating. Even without the newest additions to the Astros farm system, the Astros current prospects have disappointed and exceeded expectations in the minor leagues, which will affect their ranking on our prospect list. With that in mind, we wanted to get an idea of where the Astros new prospects should place in our top 30 prospect list without having to do a full refresh. We would love to do a full refresh of our prospect list but it requires a lot of time and work (a luxury we don't have doing this on a part-time basis) to go through 80+ prospects in the system. Plus, why not wait until we get some professional-ball data from recently drafted players and get a better idea of their talent level.

We didn't want to leave you hanging though. Eight TCB writers graded players drafted in rounds one through 11. I then took those grades and placed each prospect near the prospects on our top 30 list with a similar grade. As you'll see below I took the two spots above and two spots below that spot to get the range each drafted player would fit on our current list. As you'll notice the one exception to this rule is Mark Appel, for good reason.

Click here for our 2012 Top 30 prospect list.

Things will change between now and the end of the season for all prospects, new and old, so take this as a primer to our top 30 prospect list that we will do again in the offseason.

2013 drafted players from rounds 1-11

Player Ranking
Mark Appel Top 3
Andrew Thurman 8-12
Kent Emanuel 15-19
Conrad Gregor 16-20
Tony Kemp 11-15
Jacob Nottingham 15-19
James Ramsay 16-20
Jason Martin 22-26
Brian Holberton 19-23
Austin Nicely 11-15
Devonte German 20-24