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Astros Podcast: Mark Appel, Trade Possibility And Minor League Pitching

On the regular podcast the Mark Appel deal and how much Scott Boras played a role in the deal, trade possibilities and the rebirth of Jordan Lyles. On the Astros Minors Podcast we talk about where Mark Appel could be pitching this year, the affects of Lancaster and the projectability of the Oklahoma City RedHawks rotations.

Ryan Dunsmore

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Note: Check your podcast subscription you may have to go manually download one of the podcasts. iTunes has a tendency to only download one podcast when multiple podcasts become available at the same time.


TCBP 86: Getting Back To Non-Draft Things

In this episode David Coleman, James Yasko of Astros County and myself discuss:

  • How much affect Scott Boras has on negotiations between Mark Appel and the Astros
  • Trade targets including: Jose Veras, Carlos Pena, Chris Carter, Bud Norris and Lucas Harrell
  • Jordan Lyles' rebirth

One thing that gets forgotten when people talk about the dynamic of Scott Boras is that he doesn't pull the strings of his clients, quite the contrary he's the one with strings being pulled. He's just really good at dancing. If a player tells Boras to go get him the most money possible that's what he's going to do. If a player tells Boras to go get a deal done, right now, that's what he's going to do. Boras is really really good at what he does, which is why a lot of players want him as their agent but he is obligated to do what the client wants not the other way around. I think that gets forgotten quite a lot.



TCB AMP 6: The Draft Hangover

In this episode Brooks Parker, Anthony Boyer and myself discuss:

  • Where Mark Appels plays this year. Hint: not in the majors.
  • The Lancaster effect
  • Projectability of the Oklahoma City RedHawks rotation.

Aside from the discussion points above we also got into a bit of a side discussion about Jordan Lyles and his recent success at the big leagues level. I completely and utterly ripped off Brooks on the podcast in our discussion about Lyles. Prior to recording the podcast, Brooks brought up the point that Lyles is starting to use his changeup more. Last year Lyles only used his changeup 5% of the time, this year he's using it 9.7% of the time and getting better results. Both Brooks and I talked about this during Spring Training. We wondered why Lyles had ditched the changeup that we had heard good things about when he was drafted. That mystery may never be solved but it's good to see him using it again with success.

There are some other things working in Lyles favor this season primarily in his home run to fly ball ratio and his left on base percentage which appear to be regressing in his favor. He's also struck out slightly more batters this season which is always a good thing to see. Both ZiPS and Steamer project Lyles to finish with a 1.2 WAR this season which would be his best season yet. The problem I have with that projection is that it has Lyles reverting to his previous pitching form which I think is unlikely to happen.


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