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Astros 2, White Sox 1; Sale Dominates Still The LOSER!

Things break the Astros way on Friday night as they collect a win in which they were completely dominated.

Bob Levey

This is how I feel right now:

The best part about the Astros winning by only one run is that they were completely and utterly dominated by White Sox starter Chris Sale. You know Sale, the lanky tall left-handed pitcher whose arm is going to fall off any day now. Ya he went eight innings pitched and allowed zero earned runs on five hits and one walk while striking out 14 Astros hitters (not exactly difficult to do these days). However, thanks to an Alex Ramirez throwing error the Astros were able to score two unearned runs against Sale which ultimately made him a loser in which both starting pitcher didn't allow an earned run.

Erik Bedard was the starter for the Astros. He went six innings allowing zero earned runs on three hits and three walks while striking out six batters. He did, however, allow one unearned run thanks to a passed ball by Carlos Corporan in the top of the fourth inning. The bullpen went into lockdown mode after Bedard exited the game allowing no runs, three hits and one walk in the final three frames. Jose Cisnero allowed the three hits in the seventh and eighth innings, one hit came via another failed pick by Chris Carter at first base. Travis Blackley finished off the eighth with the help of another Astros double play. Jose Veras allowed the walk in the ninth inning to former Astros Jeff Keppinger. The walk would be the only blemish on Veras' pitching line.

Offensively, bleh! As mentioned above the Astros struck out 14 times, walked only once and collected only five hits. Jose Altuve and Trevor Crowe were the only hitters to reach base cleanly multiple times, both of whom stole a base.

White Sox fans can still hold the 2005 World Series over are heads, however, for one night at least we can say nanny nanny boo boo to them because their starting pitcher completely dominated the Astros and we still won.

Nanny nanny boo boo!