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MLB Draft 2013: Sixth-round pick Jacob Nottingham to sign with Astros

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Another reported signing, though this report comes from one of TCB's own. Sean Feist took to Twitter last night to say that Jacob Nottingham, the Astros sixth-round pick out of Redlands HS in California, was signing with the club:

Nottingham was easily the favorite player in the first 10 picks of our draft experts here (outside of Mark Appel), as he combines that high upside, big-time power and young age that prospect hounds love so much. Here's what they had to say about him when he was drafted:

If you want some upside and some projection, this kid has it. He's definitely a project, but the upside definitely there. At first look, he looks like a right fielder as he stands 6-3 and is very lean, yet strong at 200 pounds. He then steps into the batters box and has a tall stance and you see a guy with power. Then, you see him put on catcher's gear and his defensive value shoots up!