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MLB Draft 2013: Astros 15th round pick James Farris will not sign, Ramsey's bonus revealed

Thanks to Astros County,we get this note that Houston's 15th round pick James Farris is heading back to the University of Arizona so he can be their Friday night starter. From the article in the Tucson Citizen:

"He told me Monday that he had told Houston he was planning on coming back and finishing up his senior year and be a Friday starter," Lopez said.

Farris was the Sunday starter on Arizona's 2012 national championship team, going 7-3 with a 3.97 ERA. He was the Saturday starter this season, finishing at 5-5 with a 4.18 ERA.

"He wants to increase his draft status, and I think he can do that," Lopez said. "There used to be a stigma about being a senior and not getting picked to the 55th round. But a lot of seniors get drafted in the first 10 rounds now (because of the new bonus slotting system). If he pitches well, he could go in the top 10 rounds easy."

Farris marks the second player who has publicly declared he will not sign, after 35th round pick Kacy Clemens said he's heading to the University of Texas instead of signing with Houston.

Per Jim Callis, we also get details on what seventh-rounder James Ramsay was inked for:

As AC notes, that's a savings of $27,300 off Ramsay's expected slot bonus. I'm sure that will convince Nottingham to sign, right?