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MLB Draft 2013: Two more Astros draft picks to sign

Two more names popped up Monday as Astros draft picks who have either signed or will sign soon. The first is a biggie: seventh-round pick James Ramsey, a center fielder out of South Florida.

From Brian T. Smith's story on the move:

"He embodies what we look for in top-of-the-order hitters," Elias said. "Wears pitchers out with his patience, makes contact to all fields, and uses his speed. He reminds our scouts in Florida of Cardinals center fielder Jon Jay."

Smith states that Houston is moving quickly with many of their picks after the first 10 rounds and expects many of them to sign soon.

That's why another pick, 23rd rounder Thomas Lindauer, a shortstop out of Illinois-Champaign, also is signing soon, according to sportswriter Daniel Makarewicz.

That's four picks and counting Houston has signed. No Mark Appel though, so I guess my prediction he gets signed by Monday is blown. Not the first, or the last, time I've been wrong.

I wonder if he'll be in uniform in time for the next homestand, though. Houston likes showing off the high picks at home games.