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The Legend Of Paul Clemens Returns, Meet The Curveball

The legend of Astros pitcher Paul Clemens returns with a vengeance.

Thearon W. Henderson

Meet Paul Clemens' curveball, a deadly weapon when it's on.

First Astros nemesis Albert Pujols.


Pujols looks absolutely fooled on that pitch but it should be noted that he's hitting .240/.322/.408 on the season. Decent numbers if you're a middle fielder bad numbers if you're being paid $16 million this year.

The next batter Trumbo strikes out swinging to end the top of the sixth inning.


Josh Hamilton became Clemens next victim to start the seventh inning.


What's interesting is that the scouting report on Clemens described his curveball as "a wild curve" and FanGraphs to this point of his young career rates his curveball as the wort pitch in his arsenal. According to FanGraphs his curveball is rated as -1.8 runs above average using PITCHf/x data.

According to PITCH f/x Clemens curveball hasn't been very good for him so far at the major league level and it may never be good for him at the major league level; however, for at least three hitter, three pretty good hitters, Clemens' curveball was deadly.