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Former Astros Pitcher J.A. Happ Hit In The Head By A Line Drive

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In the Toronto Blue Jays vs. Tampa Bay Rays game pitcher J.A. Happ takes a comebacker off the left side of his head.

J. Meric

WARNING: This is a very tough video to watch.

On Tuesday evening J.A. Happ took a line drive from the bat of Desmond Jennings off the left side of his head. From the video you can clearly see blood coming from his left ear. The most eerie thing about the video is the dead silence in the stadium.

Several fans, players and coaches are shown with a look of disbelief, concern and prayer for Happ. Jennings in particular looked distraught over the hit Happ took to the head as he stood around the base paths as Happ is attended to. Typing out these words as I'm watching the video has been extremely difficult.

Trainers quickly summoned for medical personal to enter the field and did so with a stretcher. After being attended to for several minutes Happ was rolled onto the stretcher and lifted on a gurney and carted off the field. Cameras were able to catch Happ talking to medical personal and as he left the field he lifted his right hand in acknowledgement of the crowd who were cheering for him as he left the field.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to J.A. Happ, his family and the Toronto Blue Jays.

Update: All the information I've gathered has Happ at the hospital. Bluebird Banter is updating a post regularly when they have any new information.

If you're looking for up to the minute updates I would start there. We'll try to update tomorrow as we get more information.

Morning Update: According to the Associated Press Happ is in stable condition.

The Blue Jays said Happ was taken to Bayfront Medical Center, where he was alert and undergoing tests. Nursing supervisor Natasha Keller told the Associated Press that Happ had been admitted to the hospital and was in stable condition.

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