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TCBP 80: It's Just One Of Those Days

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Jordan Lyles, Dallas Keuchel, Brad Peacock, Rhiner Cruz, JD Martinez and Rick Ankiel all on the itinerary to talk about.

Podcast Start Time: 7:05 p.m. CT

Hosts: David Coleman, Sean Feist and Tim De Block

Special Guest: Terri Schlather

Houston Astros Topics:

  • Jordan Lyles and Dallas Keuchel called up; Brad Peacock and Rhiner Cruz sent down
  • JD Martinez has started his minor league rehab assignment. Who does he replace when he's ready to come back?
  • Fan angst towards Rick Ankiel has cranked up to Brian Bogusevic levels
  • Who will be with the Astros when they're competitive again?

The archived live record can be found on Mixlr at:

Intro music by Alan Read.

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