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Jonathan Singleton Day Open Thread

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It's MiLB Open Thread time to celebrate Jonathan Singleton Day!


It's Jonathan Singleton Day in the Astros fandom as all attention is focused in on Quad Cities and the Homerton's debut and release from the confines of 50 game suspension.

The game has already started in which he's batting clean-up. You can follow the box score here and listen in here.

The JetHawks will play much later tonight (9 CST) and Brady Rodgers will be on the mound. In the mean time, use this photo for your JetHawks fix.

The Corpus Christi Hooks are underway in Northwest Arkansas right now and my sister is in attendance. She's sitting next to Nick Tropeano and Jake Buchanan as they're the charting pitchers tonight. She introduced herself and now feels really embarrassed. Here is the box score.

In an appearance that will surely draw attention given his uptick in success this season, Jared Cosart is already pitching for the Oklahoma City RedHawks. Here is the box score.