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Podcast: Snow Cones And Quad Cities River Bandits

In the regular TCB Astros podcast we discuss snow cones, Reid Ryan, maturation, Jose Altuve and more. In the Astros Minors Podcast we discuss everything Quad Cities and get into a little draft talk to end the show.

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TCB Podcast ready and willing to invade your thoughts and tickle your ear drums regarding everything Houston Astros baseball.

Note: Sorry for the lateness. I had a very busy Memorial Day weekend. Check your podcast subscription you may have to go manually download one of the podcasts. iTunes has a tendency to only download one podcast when multiple podcasts become available at the same time.

TCBP 83: Don't Eat The Snow Cones

In this episode Sean Feist, Terri Schlather and myself discuss Houston Astros topics including:

  • Snow Cones and Reid Ryan named Astros team president
  • Listener questions involving Erik Bedard, top prospects, Matt Dominguez and JD Martinez's hitting
  • Signing Jose Altuve to an extension
  • Trading Jason Castro and Carlos Corporan
Thanks to the following listeners for questions: Astrosdihards, twinkilling0303, Orangeblood Kid and chilam balam


TCB AMP 3: Quad Cities River Bandits and Draft

In This episode Brooks Parker, Anthony Boyer and myself discuss:

  • The return of Jonathan Singleton and why he might be starting at Quad Cities instead of Oklahoma City
  • Carlos Correa and whether or not the Astros should have drafted Byron Buxton
  • The projectability of the Quad Cities rotation
  • Draft talk including Clint Frazier, Sean Manaea and Colin Moran
Thanks to the following listeners for questions: Appy Astros, Irish Pete, Reillocity and Astrosfan3


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Next Scheduled Podcast Recordings: June 2, 2013


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