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Astros 5, Athletics 6; Death By Walks

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Astros pitching issue seven walks. Matt Dominguez and JD Martinez star for the Astros offensively.

JD Martinez hits a home run
JD Martinez hits a home run
Bob Levey

The Astros offense came alive to score five runs in the bottom of the fifth inning all with two outs. Matt Dominguez got the Astros on the board with a solo homerun to left field.


Ronny Cedeno and Robbie Grossman kept the inning alive with singles then Jose Altuve broke an 0-18 slump with a single to center to score Ronny Cedeno and tying the game at 2-2. Then JD Martinez stepped up to the plate to put the Astros head with this three-run homerun to left field.


The offense gave the Astros a healthy lead heading into the later innings of the game. The question on everyone's mind would be whether or not the Astros bullpen could hold the lead.

Erik Bedard pitched a solid five innings for the Astros, which didn't seem likely if you watched the first inning. In the first Bedard managed to load the bases twice but held the Athletics to only two runs allowed. He was able to get through the next four innings without allowing another run. In his two plus innings of work, Paul Clemens followed Bedard and allowed a homerun in his first inning of work but none after that to keep the score 5-3 in the Astros favor. Wesley Wright relieved Clemens in the eighth inning and retired both batters he faced. Jose Veras entered the ninth to his new sweet intro.


After walking John Jaso, Veras struck out Eric Sogard then dug in for a battle with Coco Crisp. Crisp would eventually walk setting up Chris Young to break the hearts of Astros fans. With a 1-1 count, Veras gave Young a curverball that he deposited deep into the Crawford Boxes. Here's what Gameday Scout had to say about the pitch:

Jose Veras didn't stick to the scouting report; Chris Young is hitting .200 this season against curveballs in that location.

If that's true then Veras didn't exactly make a bad pitch. Veras got out of the inning with out giving up anymore runs but the damage had already been done. The offense would need to come through again to salvage what they could of this game.

In the bottom of the ninth inning the Astros made a valiant effort of it when Dominguez and Jason Castro walked to get runners on first and second with one out. Robbie Grossman then struck out looking on three pitches and Altuve attacked the first pitch he saw for an easy grounder to shortstop to end the comeback and the game.

A very deflating loss for a game that showed so much promise. Ultimately, the pitching staffs seven walks combined would be the Astros undoing.