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Astros 2013 MLB Draft Notes: Colin Moran Making Push For First Selection

Rumors about who the Astros are going to select with the first pick in the 2013 MLB Draft are beginning to swirl. Could Colin Moran be one of those rumors that come true?

Apparently, the trip Jeff Luhnow and Jim Crane made to Chapel Hill, NC, is making some people consider Colin Moran at the number one selection:

Wednesday afternoon Brian T. Smith of the Houston Chronicle brought us some more 2013 MLB Draft nuggets:

The biggest takeaways are that the Astros still haven't made a decision on the first pick in the draft and are unlikely too until we're closer to June 6, 2013. The draft is still two weeks away so making a decision now is not necessary especially when candidates eliminate themselves from consideration, like it appears Sean Manaea did when he was pulled from his start prior to the start of tournament play for his team Wednesday.

Some of our writers are taking a second look at Colin Moran to see if there's something being missed about him. Our latest draft board had Colin Moran falling out of the Top 10. Could this be a money play or could the Astros be seeing something we're not. The next few weeks should be interesting to say the least.