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Astros 3, Royals 7; "Stuff" Describes Another Loss

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Astros go through another unmemorable game, playing against the Royals, but who's to say at least parts didn't have lasting impact?

Scott Halleran

We tend to think that losses such as these become insignificant parts of our lives. As the day rolls into the next, for most people the game is even less than a memory.

"Steve, whadcha you do last night?" And as Steve takes a sip of water from his wax-coated paper cup, his field of vision engulfed with ceiling tiles which embrace him fully, he'd rather carry on with the day than have to recall something he'd completely forgotten. "Stuff," he says. "Stuff."

For some people the night becomes magical. The person who caught Jimmy Paredes's home run will probably wake up the next morning, look at the ball, and remember what a night it was.

"You know the Astros lost, right?"
"Yeah, but I won."

For some, they'll be leaving the game in some other fashion than when they entered.

"Well, thanks for the Astros game. You really know how to impress a girl on a date, Jeff"
"Sara, wait!"
"I'll get a taxi," she says firmly before storming off into the distance, never to be seen again.

And who can blame her?

As for Bud Norris, it's hard to know what he's thinking. Do you think he's frustrated when the bullpen can't be trusted to keep the lead? Does that even matter to him? Has he become desensitized? Or is his back tightness that removed him from the game more apparent on his mind? Perhaps he's laughed it off by now.

"Hey Chris [Carter]" *sticks tongue out* and laughs.
Carter looks at him, smiling, shaking his head and emitting a slight chuckle.

What's going on in Paul Clemens's brain? Jose Cisnero's? Travis Blackley's? Does the lack of consistent success really cause shock when two more runs are given up, or does it just cause frustration? Clemens gave up at least one run in a game for the first time since May 9th. May 10th for Blackley. May 11th for Cisnero. Is that normal for them? Do they look at tonights lack of success any differently than before? Or do they move on and forget.

"Yo man, did you see that Houston got a Superbowl in 2017?"
"Whoa, really?"
"True story, bro. I don't make this stuff up"

What do you think? Was this game significant for you, or are you already thinking about tomorrow?