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Super Sunday Astros Links May 19, 2013

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Astros links involving catcher framing, Astros roster construction, minor leagues, the draft and more.

Drew Hallowell

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While Brooks was making a case for keeping Nolan Fontana in Lancaster I was putting together these links for your viewing pleasure.

Pinterest Page - Updated during the week with links that will appear here.

Fan Post of the Week

SABR and High School Part 1: Scouting versus Stats - The Crawfish Boxes
By The Advocate - FanPost of the Week

On the Diamond

Studying the art of pitch framing by catchers such as Francisco Cervelli, Chris Stewart, Jose Molina, and others - Grantland
By Ben Lindbergh

Joe Blogs: Splitting Splits
By Joe Posnanski

Joe Blogs: Warren Spahn and the Brooklyn Dodgers
By Joe Posnanski

2013 MLB Draft

Houston Astros practicing diligence in advance of Draft | News
By Brian McTaggart

The New Question at the Top of the Draft | FanGraphs Baseball
By Dave Cameron

2013 MLB Draft: West Region Report - Minor League Ball
BY Matt Garrioch

2013 MLB Draft: Texas/Oklahoma Region - Minor League Ball
By Matt Garrioch

Astros' Farmsystem

What the Heck, Bobby?: Random Thoughts on My Lancaster Trip
By Jayne Hansen

Player Notes: Quad Cities River Bandits - Minor League Ball
By John Sickels

What the Heck, Bobby?: Talking to the Quad Cities Coaches
By Jayne Hansen

What the Heck, Bobby?: Just Another Day in Lancaster
By Jayne Hansen

Major League Rosters

Joe Blogs: Yankees School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
By Joe Posnanski

Astros County: Your Neighborhood Astros Blog & Grill: The Case for Extending Jose Altuve
By Astros County


Astros County: Your Neighborhood Astros Blog & Grill: Astros Stats
By (Not Hank) Aaron

My Year with the Houston Astros: Part 3 – Singularity | NotGraphs Baseball
By David G. Temple

The difference between the Miami Marlins and the Houston Astros is credibility - Fish Stripes
By Michael Jong

Baseball Business

Your Eyes Aren’t Lying, Sports Attendance Numbers Are
By Maury Brown

From the Jump to The AL to Stripping Payroll and More: Why the Astros Need to Slow Down
By Maury Brown

Hoarding prospects and being horrible with the Houston Astros - Grantland
By Rany Jazayerli